The David Harilela Group represents a global conglomerate of businesses with interests ranging from trading, licensing, product design, sourcing, exporting, manufacturing and Hospitality.
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Harilela George Limited is the flagship company of the David Harilela Group, and specifically handles major manufacturing and distributing projects throughout Asia. HGL is best known for its work in promoting Sports licensing brands and events such as the 1994 and 1998 World Cup championships. HGL was recognized for their outstanding work in creating the “store in  store” display concept, which can be used on its own as small booths in a mall or used in multiples to transition to being used within a larger department store. This method is now the norm for industry professionals. Additionally, HGL developed a wide range of products covering eight licensee categories for the USA and European markets. HGL had manufactured more than 350 product lines worldwide specifically for this event.

HGL also specializes in developing and producing exclusive products for their clients. With in-house engineers and designers, our support team is capable of solving technical problems and coming up with feasible and practical  solutions for our clients. We have the ability to turn an idea into a product reality. Our proudest achievement was to be able to turn an electronic toy concept from paper to a product within 140 days.

HGL also has extensive sourcing ability and contacts throughout Asia and the United States. HGL understands the specific nuances of every company, effectively adapting to clients needs. We stand by our promise of uncompromised quality and price with every business relationship.

Currently HGL is licensing a line of Hang Ten products in Asia, as well has just finished designing a line of pens for Tommy Hilfiger India.