Donnie Yen, Richard Elman, David Harilela, Roland Buser, Bill Benter, Cissy Wong, Tricia Buser, Avisha Harilela, Susan Elman, Kamilla Harilela, Dr. the hon. Hari Harilela and Vivian Fung




A globe-trotting businessman who runs a multi-million dollar enterprise specializing in licensing, franchising and manufacturing and exporting worldwide, David still manages to make time for friends, family, charity and his musical passion.



David Harilela, Cissy and Donnyi Yen, Avisha Harilela


Richard and Susan Elman, Avisha and David Harilela


Alumnus David Harilela, a graduate from the University of Southern California who holds a B.S.C. in Business Administration, meets with USC president C.L. Max Nikias. Mr. Harilela’s company, the David Harilela Group of Companies (DHG), is a proud Trojan sponsor of the 2011 USC Global Conference in Hong Kong. The Harilela family has resided and built business enterprises in Hong Kong since 1911, and includes two generations of Trojan alumni.


David Harilela and Rotary District Governor Gloria Chan with movie star Jackie Chan at the movie premiere of "Tuxedo."


Fung Hing Wang, Commissioner for Census and Statistics, Patrick Yeung, David Harilela, Anthong Espina and
Professor K C Chan, Secretary for Financial Services and Tang Kam Tim


Joseph and Vinny Chu, David Harilela, Albert and Pauline Wong


David Harilela with Will Stein, of Philip Stein


David Harilela and Kenneth Fok


David and Avisha Harilela with Tim and Jill Gallie at Mother's Choice Gala Dinner 2010


David Harilela with HK Canto-Pop singer Leon Lai at the Community TVB Live Show

David and Avisha Harilela with HK Canto-Pop Singer Andy Lau and Paul Li from Citibank


Elaine Zee, David Harilela, Sally Chan,Jennifer Yiu , Sharon Kwok, Avisha Harilela, Harina Khan


Belinda Yeung, David Harilela and Maria Cordero


Chandra Harilela, Late George Harilela & David Harilela with ATV World Stars: Kenneth Chan Kai Tai and Miss Asia:Jaclyn Chu Wai Shan, Candy Law Lam, Lu Jingjing, Shine Wong, Queenie Fung and Pinky Cheung


Michael Wong, Avisha Harilela, David Harilela, Margery Au and Janet Ma.


Debbie Zheng, David Harilela and Balia Chan

Sharon Kwok, David Harilela, Avisha Harilela and Mark Richards


Maria Chen, David Harilela , Avisha Harilela and Ivy Tong.

Avisha Harilela, David Harilela, Elaine Zee and Mira Mahtani.


David Harilela and Phillip Chan

David Harilela, Barney Cheng and Avisha Harilela