Mr. David Harilela is a graduate from the University of Southern California with a B.S.C. in Business Administration. He is the eldest son of Mr. George N. Harilela, the namesake of his major licensing company Harilela (George) Ltd. He has been married more than 30 years to his wife, Avisha, and has three daughters, Divia, Davina and Sheeva.

David grew up in a wealthy Hong Kong family, yet his father gave him only a US$3 monthly allowance, encouraging David to seek other modes of income. David never asked for more money and wanted to prove his independence to his father, even at that young age. Thus his work experience varied greatly even before graduating from college, with jobs including hotel reservation clerk, waiter, cashier and receptionist.

Upon graduating from USC, David returned to Hong Kong and joined his family's business. However, he found himself lost in a web of management already in place in the organization and felt he had to carve out a niche for himself. With three suitcases consisting of 100KG of samples, and having no real experience of the business world, David trotted off to South America to form new business relationships and prove himself as an asset to the Harilela business. He returned two months later with confirmed orders of more than US$1.5 million.

As his career progressed, he established his own trading business under the company HGL, a vehicle which he used to launch and secure the first international multi-category license for the World Cup (a first ever by an Asian company) for regions including Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Mexico.

David is considered a licensing expert and has undertaken projects with prestigious companies including Disney, Warner, Sesame Street, Noddy and Batman.

Experienced in the field of consulting as well David has worked with Brand America in order to advise them on franchising opportunities in Asia. Additionally, he has served as a non-executive director of Vision Tech (HK stock exchange number 922.).

Today he manages the family trading business after rescuing it from financial devastation in the ‘80’s, in addition to his licensing, franchising, manufacturing and exporting businesses. He has created a group of companies under the banner of the David Harilela Group of Companies (DHG). He is also the director of Harilela Hotels Company Ltd


David is an avid member of Rotary International and the local Rotary Club of Kowloon Golden Mile. David joined the Rotary Club of Golden Mile in 1999 and was Club President in 2006-2007.  He was awarded President of the Year and Rotary Club of the year honors in 2007, the Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Leadership and Devoted Service and the Four Avenues of Service Citation for Individual Rotarians.  He served as District Governor of D3450 in 2011-12.  He is currently Rotary Public Image Coordinator for Zone 10B as well as Chair to the RI Global Rewards Program which will be launched in July 2015.

PDG David is now committed to his project THE ONE, an annual international Humanitarian award, with which he seeks to find and honor the Mother Teresa’s of tomorrow.

Aside from his work life David is also an accomplished singer/songwriter. Among his many stage performances David has rocked on stage with his band as second Act for The Beach Boys and Blondie to help raise funds for The Po Leung Kuk scholarship program for Orphans. David has not let the turbulences of life to stop him from pursuing his passion of music, at least in his free time.



Sheeva,Davina, David, Avisha and Divia Harilela