David is also on the Board of Directors for The Community Chest , a non-profit organisation governed by Hong Kong’s top business and community leaders. Their main goal is to raise funds in order to donate to a wide range of welfare services in Hong Kong. The Chest is the biggest fundraiser and contributor to the needy in Hong Kong. David is always ready to share his talents to help raise monies for the Chest and below he sings with Hong Kong Pop Idol for one of the Chest TV fundraising shows.

Live broadcast of IPDG David and Grace Wong’s singing on TVB Jade during Rotary’s 52nd District Conference in support of The Community Chest. HK$ 880,000 was raised. - May 19, 2012


David Harilela, Bhagwan Nihalani, Leon Lai with the Slum Dog Millionaire Kids at The Community Chest TVB Live Show- May, 2009


The Community Chest_ 2010/2011 Board of Directors, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, 13 June 2011