Kanya Daan Trust

Incorporated In August 1981

K.P. Daswani
Minoo Melwani
Mira Mahtani
David Harilela

Hon. Secretary:
Neetu Buxani

In addition to Rotary and the many other causes he supports, David is also a trustee for the Kanya Daan Fund that provides free education to the poor and pays for the wedding fees for impoverished couples.


Mass weddings in Gandhidham


Educating , Feeding & Clothing Street kids in Mount Abu

The Trust was the original idea of Mr. Changomal Vasandani whose original concept was to set up  a fund & use the interest  derived from that fund to  pay for  group marriages.  The principal amounts donated would remain always
Unused with the interest earned to be used for the marriages.
In India, the dowry system is deeply embedded in its society and the sad thing is that because of this, some young woman whose parents cannot pay for her dowry, can never have the opportunity to experience having a husband or being a mother otherwise.

The Kanya Daan Trust was set up specifically for the purpose of giving these women the opportunity to enjoy married life as well as experience motherhood. 
Major donors of this Trust are Dada Vishindas Melwani, George Harilela, Arjan Melwani and Ram Thadani.
All the monies received  from the major donors us well as other well wishers was then put into fixed deposits & interest earned are used specifically for the Mass Marriages which were conducted in Ghandhidam every year through the courtesy & support of the  Swami Lilashah Trust.

The Trust main works are:
1. paying for at least a 100 marriages a year
2. Paying for education of young children whose parents cannot afford their education
3. Educating , Feeding & Clothing Street kids in Mount Abu

On 6 April 2006, an earthquake was reported at 11:29:16 p.m. IST in Gujarat, India's Kutch and Saurashtra region. The intensity of the earthquake was measured at 5.5 on the Richter Scale and the city of  Gandhidam was almost totally flattened. The Kanya Daan Trust deiced to assist and contributed and built 36 houses for the poor who were made homeless by the earthquake.
The Trust continues to look for more good – hearted people so that they can maximize their works. 

Donations big or small, are always welcome & for those interested in helping, please feel free to  email neetu@harilela.com for more details.