The Harilela’s are a Hong Kong-based family and have resided here since 1911. They conduct business throughout the world in industries such as hospitality, hotel management, investment, trading, manufacturing, exporting, and product development.

Their family history is deeply rooted in Hong Kong. Mr. Naroomal Harilela was the first of the family to venture to Hong Kong, and lived a comfortable life initially, owning various buildings and homes throughout China. Repercussions of the Great Depression greatly damaged his business however, so he turned to new methods of work. The family once again found financial success selling fair-priced and high quality textile products to British soldiers during World War II, however Naroomal never lived to see the greater success that his family enjoys today.

Since these humble beginnings the Harilela business has developed further to include a broader scope of activities, but their family still continues to live by their original mantra of quality and honesty in all of their business relationships. Today the family resides in a 40 bedroom mansion in Hong Kong, with the next generation living in an adjoining 28 bedroom home. The Harilela's live, work and breathe together, contributing to their strength as a family and business empire.




Harilela Brothers: Bob, Hari, George, Peter, Mohan and Gary


Harilela Brothers: Peter, Mohan, Bob, Hari, George and Gary


Late George Harilela_ Founder of Harilela George Limited