HGL often works closely with their clients in order to design promotional materials and develop products in order to endorse specific events. Whether you are looking to create a line of promotional products or consulting for large scale events, we have the tools to assist you.

HGL has created numerous promotional products for more than 40 years with notable contracts including the ’94 and ’98 World Cup events, and has supplied Coca Cola, Kodak, Polygram, BBC, Duracell, Oral B, Gillette, Virgin (UK) , Ansett , Perfetti , Hershey and Nescafe just to name a few.

Timing is essential for any major promotion and we are proud to be the only supplier who delivered Coca Cola Mexico the 600000 hand-made soccer balls they ordered from us – all the other suppliers could not deliver timely.

Some of the past projects:

* All brands shown here are the exclusive property of the respective brand holders and the depictions are merely to serve as a demonstration for the representative industries.