With more than 30 years of trading experience, HGL is experienced and reliable partner. HGL has ties with manufacturing and shipping industries, making us an ideal choice for all of your trading needs. Our manufacturing partners have a lengthy and trusted history with our company, eliminating the uncertainty of searching for factories.

As a private company we are able to personally and quickly handle our clients’ requests. Our expert inspection staff ensures that deliveries arrive on time, and with the highest quality of goods. We personally oversee all shipments and handle our clients’ inquiries efficiently. We are all-in-one sourcing and shipping company, and equipped to handle your brand’s needs.
*Products showed here are the exclusive property of the specific clients who had contracted to work with us. We cannot offer their products directly to you, but can put in touch with our clients.
** All brands shown here are the exclusive property of the respective brand holders and the depictions are merely to serve as a demonstration for the representative industries.